Kaleva Printing House, Oulu, Finland

Main Contractor
YIT Construction Ltd
Structural Engineer
Pöyry Civil Oy
Manroland Colourman Newspaper Printing Press
Key Facts
The total weight of the printing press, folding units, reel stands was 791,500kg
Order value: Û46,000.00
208 Isomat isolators as well as Isofoam top strips and FVF void formers

The Challenge

Pöyry Civil Oy was commissioned to design the foundation for a large Manroland newspaper printing press at a new print facility in Oulu in the north of Finland. Pöyry Civil Oy was concerned about the vibration from the printing press adversely affecting the offices built alongside. The company was already aware of Farrat’s expertise and the benefits of the Isomat Isolated Foundation system for this type of project and so proceeded to design a system based on Farrat’s literature. However they would require remote assistance and guidance in the final, critical stages of the procurement and installation process.

The Solution

The key issue to avoid with this type of application is low resonance frequency effects between the press and the surrounding floor, building structures and subsoil. Based on specific experience from previous projects Farrat designed an Isomat Isolated Foundation system with a dynamic natural frequency of 10Hz with around 10% damping. This system offers a simplified foundation design as well as being economical and easy to install.

Consequently the foundation which formed the backbone of the machine was designed. It needed to be 42 metres long and 5 metres wide but the depth was still to be determined. Such large printing presses are tall, narrow structures where the reel stands are at ground level and the press, which contains most of the weight, is supported by columns built off the isolated foundation block. In this case a 2.8 metre deep block was designed to provide sufficient stiffness for the modular machine as well as lowering its centre of gravity.

Farrat worked with a local agent in Finland to provide local expertise and support on both the supply and installation of the Farrat system and this led to a successful installation by the client.

Teuvo Tuomine
Vice President, Pöyry Civil Oy
Despite being based in another country, Farrat provided a highly efficient and clearly defined solution.

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