CEO Statement

Values, purpose & niche

Our brand is important to us and can support our business goals whilst delivering value to our customers. These guidelines should provide a clear focus and standard as to how we communicate with each other, our customers, partners and suppliers alike.

But first, let’s be clear on what we mean by branding. There are three simple truths about brands:

  1. Everyone can talk about brands. Both positively and negatively.
  2. Everyone in a company is responsible for their brand.
  3. Strong brands make strong businesses.

In short, we all have a part to play in building the Farrat brand.

Farrat is a highly ambitious company where success is multifaceted based on our continual re-investment in.

Our People

We care dearly about our people and continuously strive to ensure they are personally and professionally invested in and that they contribute to our positive and friendly culture.

Our Clients

A fast, proactive and friendly service has always been at the core of our business operations and I welcome any feedback to ensure this is maintained and improved.

Our engineering solutions

We aim to achieve acoustic and thermal requirements and functional versatility with minimal mass and materials.

Industry advancement

It is important for us to invest in long term R&D to push industry forward and we welcome opportunities to collaborate to develop technology and solutions.

Our community

We strive to invest in our local communities in supporting social mobility and hunger initiatives as well as inspiring the next generation to choose a career in STEM.

Industrial Vibration Control

Built upon this experience and our investments in R&D we have successfully transitioned to a consultancy led solution provider, identifying root causes and providing solutions for vibration induced issues with the ultimate aims of improving productivity, efficiency and worker health & safety for a more sustainable future for global manufacturing.

Structural Thermal Breaks

  • Our ETA certified STRUKTRA™ plates being the highest performing (as verified by the renowned Fraunhofer Institute) and responsible way to separate structural thermal bridge connections and prevent condensation and heat loss in steel buildings and the building envelope.
  • TBF was the first A2 fire rated Structural Thermal Break on the market.
  • In supporting the construction industry’s transition to net/absolute zero without suppressing architectural ambition, we offer home-grown, PhD backed, advanced thermal modelling services aimed at accurately but pragmatically establishing the effects of thermal bridge connections and working with the project team to optimise the design in order to achieve the desired performance criteria.
  • Our ongoing R&D programme recently launched Falcon, a patent pending concrete to concrete thermal break connector aimed at controlling structural dynamics issues such as ‘bounce’ on long span (up to 4m) cantilevered balconies. Contact us to support you in structurally thermally incorporate it into your building
  • Over the last 15 years we have tuned our service to meet the intense needs of the construction industry, focusing on a friendly, pro-active service to ensure we deliver on time in full and right first time, every time.

Building Acoustics

We take a holistic approach to problem solving, bring value to a project team by translating complex, multi-disciplinary problems into easily digestible language, quantifying possible solutions and aligning stakeholders to achieve a unified strategy all within the framework of ‘no surprises’ in costs and risks.

We have never failed to achieve a customer’s requirements, even with some learnings along the way and we absolutely intent to maintain that record.

We invest in developing our capabilities, portfolio and our people. The systems we have developed, such as our Cine and BowlFLOOR ranges and Building Vibration Isolation Systems are all built off rich experience and rigorous engineering to ensure performance and longevity.