Structural Thermal Breaks

Structural Thermal Breaks provide a simple, economical and extremely effective solution to meeting Part L of the Building Requirements by way of reducing both heat loss and the risk of condensation. Farrat Structural Thermal Breaks can also be used in hot climate conditions to insulate the cool, air conditioned interior, from the hot outside conditions.

High level service

We take pride in providing our customers with a high level of service from technical support through to manufacturing accuracy and timely deliveries to site.

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Our products

Premium Fire Grade
The first limited combustibility, A2 rated high-strength Structural Thermal Break material on the market
High Grade
A high-strength, low thermal conductivity Structural Thermal Break material.

We commissioned a research study with Fraunhofer IBP

Test report P7-081e-1/2023 “Calculation of the Point Thermal Transmittance and the Temperature Factor of Steel Structure Connections.”

A structural and building physics investigation of bolted steel connections with load-bearing thermal separations using three-dimensional numerical investigations as well as full scale test measurements.

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Structural Thermal Breaks
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Structural Thermal Breaks
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Orders & manufacturing

Prior to fabrication a fully dimensioned drawing is normally required for each type of plate with a unique project reference.

Prior to delivery all Farrat Structural Thermal Breaks are labelled with the fabricator’s drawing reference. Fabrication is undertaken in accordance with our ISO 9001 and ISO14001 accreditations.

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