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Creating a safe, comfortable and productive work environment in office buildings.

Farrat have a range of solutions that can support architects, contractors, structural engineers and buyers tackling commercial projects. Including building vibration control, acoustic isolation and structural thermal breaks.

When developing office buildings, there are several key considerations to ensure good acoustic isolation, vibration control, and thermal transfer management. Here are some of the most important ones:

Acoustic isolation: Good acoustic isolation is essential to creating a productive and comfortable work environment for office workers. This can be achieved through proper design of walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as the use of sound-absorbing materials such as acoustic ceiling tiles or carpeting. Room layout, HVAC systems, and window and door design can also impact acoustic isolation.

Vibration control: Vibration control is important to prevent noise and disturbance caused by mechanical systems, such as HVAC equipment or elevators, and human activity, such as foot traffic or machinery. This can be achieved through proper design and installation of mechanical systems, as well as the use of vibration isolation materials such as rubber pads or resilient mounts.

Thermal transfer management: Proper management of thermal transfer is essential to ensure that the office building is energy-efficient and comfortable for workers. This can be achieved through the use of insulation, window and door design, HVAC systems, and building orientation. The building should be designed to maximize exposure to the sun in colder months and minimize exposure in hotter months.

Indoor air quality: Indoor air quality is important to the health and productivity of office workers. Proper ventilation, air filtration, and humidity control can help ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

Energy efficiency: Energy efficiency is crucial for reducing operating costs and minimizing the building’s environmental footprint. This can be achieved through the use of efficient lighting and HVAC systems, as well as the incorporation of renewable energy sources.

Installation Services

Farrat Installation Services have supplied clients from a wide range of projects with the guarantee of complete isolation, overseen by our team of project managers and engineers with specialist experience in acoustic and vibration isolation.

If installation is not required from Farrat we will support project managers and contractors with onsite installation training.

Claridge's Ballroom Installation
Claridge's Ballroom Installation

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