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Industrial Buildings

Vibration control solutions are used to support buildings and building structures in order to provide protection from low frequency ground-borne noise and vibration generated from external sources

industrial buildings

Our expertise extends from isolating machine presses to crane rails to shielding surrounding office areas from disruptions caused by vibrations and machinery impacts. We have worked on a diverse range of buildings, from energy generation waste facilities to can making factories and large manufacturing plants.

Our specialists collaborate with Structural Engineers and Main Contractors to design bespoke solutions, optimising layout arrangements for both new builds and restructured industrial settings. By closely working with our customers, we tailor our vibration isolation solutions to meet agreed specifications and project schedules, integrating them seamlessly into factory designs or to remedy unwanted vibrations caused by existing installations. Our goal is to control operating conditions within equipment specifications, maximising productivity while adhering to health and safety regulations, local authority requirements and eliminating unwanted disruption to surround areas.

Whether relocating existing machinery, installing new equipment, or detailing foundations, Farrat possesses the knowledge and experience to provide the right solution for any production facility.

Equipment Lifecycle

Our engineering-driven solutions offer specialised expertise tailored to address the diverse stages throughout the lifecycle of equipment.

Our products & services

Farrat offer a wide range of analysis, design and consultancy services, working on-site to find the right solution.
Vibration Control
We understand the importance of selecting the correct vibration isolation solution for your impact machinery and the environment it operates in.
Machine Mounts
We have been designing and manufacturing high performance Machine Mounts and Machinery installation systems since the 1959.

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