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Our solutions are used for stamping, inspection, drawing presses & bodymakers.

Large automotive manufacturers and leading OEM’s are increasingly designing facilities and machinery to work faster and with more precision, whilst reducing weight and cost.

Benefits of controlling vibration

Vibration control is also an important consideration in the manufacturing process of automotive components. Excessive vibration during manufacturing can lead to defective parts and reduce the quality of the finished product. There are several methods used for vibration control in the automotive manufacturing process including balancing, damping, designing out vibration and finally our area of expertise isolation.

Isolation: The use of isolation pads or mounts to separate machinery from their foundations or other machinery can help reduce the transfer of vibration from one machine to another.

Farrat industrial vibration isolation solutions integrate into factory design to ensure that the operating conditions (in terms of vibration levels) are controlled to within equipment specifications, to maximise productivity and conform to H&S and local authority requirements.

Whether relocating existing machinery, installing new equipment or are involved in detailing foundations, Farrat have the knowledge and experience to provide the right solution for any production facility.

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