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Farrat offer a wide range of analysis, design and consultancy services, working on-site to find the right solution.

We provide an engineering led vibration and noise consultancy service for a broad range of clients across the manufacturing sector.

For more than 90 years combined, Farrat engineers have provided a worldwide on-site vibration consultancy and vibration analysis service to the manufacturers and users of all kinds of manufacturing and industrial machinery.

The primary objective of the service is to identify the causes of abnormal vibrations, especially those that degrade the quality of the finished product, whether this be in terms of its surface appearance or its accuracy and repeatability. All our vibration measurement and vibration analysis is carried out on-site using portable instrumentation and we are proud of our ability to respond rapidly to requests for assistance.

Our specialist range of consultancy services

Our expert team collaborates closely with manufacturers, OEMs, and buyers to identify, assess, and mitigate vibrations that can negatively impact productivity and the surrounding environment.

We are embarking on a new Knowledge Transfer Partnership project with the University of Salford. Part-funded by Innovate UK with the aim to create virtual prototypes to predict both noise and vibration of industrial equipment and building assemblies. The successful output would provide our customers with the ability to optimise isolation designs before installation.

To deliver a 360-degree full service post-construction monitoring surveys will validate the design performance. Allowing for the impact of external factors such as roads, railways or event venues located nearby.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, from procurement advice through commissioning, and even during refurbishment or decommissioning phases, ensuring that your equipment operates efficiently and with minimal disruption. With a commitment to environmental sustainability and decades of experience, we provide the peace of mind you need for smoother, more efficient operations

Our engineering capabilities

Our range of anti-vibration materials are manufactured in the UK and distributed worldwide across a wide range of industries. We are proud of the high performance these materials have provided our customers in their applications. Material properties such as stiffness, dynamic stiffness, damping, load bearing capacity, shape factor, creep and hysteresis are continually tested in our R&D facility to provide an assured performance.

We operate under an ISO 9001:2021 Quality Assurance System and under the international ISO 14001:2021 Environmental Management Standard.

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