Providing a broad range of engineering expertise:

  • Materials Science
  • Materials Testing
  • Elastomer Engineering
  • Vibration Control
  • Acoustics
  • Impact / Shock

What Our Customers Say

“The team at Farrat were easy to communicate with throughout the design and installation. We were impressed with their professionalism, quality and the commitment displayed to the project as a whole.“ 
Vabel 18-22 Haverstock Hill 

What Our Customers Say

“I would recommend using Farrat for works which require reliability, consistency & professionalism but stress the importance that the Construction Industry relies heavily on persons to work together to ensure transparency and trust is maintained throughout.“ 
Bouygues UK Addlestone Town Centre Development

What Our Customers Say

“From project management to their site operatives they have been thoroughly professional in their conduct which has resulted in a high-quality installation to the delight of our client. We have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Farrat Installation Services and look forward to working with them on future projects.“ 
Gilbert-Ash Limited Shoreditch

What Our Customers Say

“With excellent project management and site supervision, Farrat Installation Services delivered
 the project on time and on budget. Throughout the construction phase, I witnessed complete co-operation between Midgard, and our other sub-contractors. I can confidently recommend for works of this nature and look forward to working with them again.“ 
Midgard Ltd London

What Our Customers Say

“Successfully carried out the installation 2 weeks ahead of their programme and performed
 with safe and tidy work procedures. The team on the ground were also very helpful and great
to work with. We would have no hesitation in recommending Farrat to others or use them ourselves on any further projects.“ 
AJ Morrisroe Farringdon

What Our Customers Say

“Farrat CineFLOOR PRO was specified by the acoustic consultant due to its high acoustic isolation performance and Farrat Installation Services were selected because of their professional approach during tendering. AcouStruct carried out the installation on time and on budget. We would have no hesitation in recommending Farrat Installation Services to others or use them ourselves on any further projects.“ 
Vinci Construction Cineworld at Time Square

There's always a way

  1. Maximise: the value and performance of your building / industrial machinery
  2. Minimise: the time and hassle required to achieve workable, compliant solutions as well as the overall project cost
  3. Optimise and de-risk: your project through effective, collaborator design support and professional service to deliver quality and performance assured products on time.
  4. Overcome: Technically complex engineering challenges from concept right through to handover in a constructive and honest way.

We go beyond the job

Industrial Vibration Control

Our expert consultants can identify root causes of abnormal vibrations that impacts product quality and production efficiency.

All our vibration measurement and vibration analysis is carried out on-site using portable instrumentation and we respond rapidly to requests for assistance around the world.

Acoustic Isolation

Since 1959 we have been supporting the entertainment and hospitality industry. Addressing the most demanding acoustic challenges from initial consultation, through to design, manufacture, supply, installation and inspection.

Building Vibration Isolation

Farrat consultancy services follow specific design principles, and we provide expertise that enables us to supply products that provide an adaptable and flexible way of incorporating vibration control into building structures, with the aim to achieve the best combined system performance of load bearing capacity, structural integrity, vibration control and buildability.

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