Building Acoustics

Building vibration isolation systems are technically demanding. Farrat are the ideal partner, helping to provide solutions that can be relied upon for the life of the building. A comprehensive range of standard and bespoke structural vibration isolation solutions are available to suit most building types, backed up by cutting edge R&D (part funded by Innovate UK).

All this, coupled with Farrat’s experienced engineers and design consultancy services, available to work alongside your design and construction team, means that it has never been easier.

Building Acoustics and Vibration Isolation Quality

As a proud British manufacturer, Farrat design and manufacture a comprehensive range of ever improving standard and bespoke products; ranging from individual acoustic bearings through to complete building isolation systems (BIS).

Farrat Isolevel Ltd operates an ISO 9001:2015 approved Quality Assurance System and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Standard, which all Building Vibration Isolation solutions are 
manufactured under.

Building acoustics
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Our product range

Acoustic Shear Keys
Acoustic Shear Keys
Working with design teams and/or structural engineers our shear keys are designed to provide high vertical load capacity whilst reducing the number of assemblies, acoustic isolation and shear restraint required.
Bearing Assemblies
CE marked, steel assemblies that contain elastomeric isolation bearings along with other features such as; levelling plates, fail-safes, and/or load spreading elements. Farrat bearing assemblies can also incorporate disproportionate collapse and horizontal load restraint measures such as acoustically isolated vertical ties and lateral restraints.
The BowlFLOOR range has been developed from our successful Cinema range of acoustic isolation solutions. Our engineering team have developed 3 options for this growing market.
CineFLOOR was designed by our engineers as a comprehensive range of acoustic floating floor solutions for auditoriums of all shapes and sizes.
CineSTEEL is primarily intended for use with concrete stadia. It is widely compatible with a variety of steel frame type and baseplate/bolt combinations and will keep sound constrained to its source in auditoriums of all shapes and sizes.
Our CineTIMBER systems ensure that the most vital secondary structure of a cinema, the raked seating, is kept totally independent of the main structure, the structural floor slab and any adjacent screens.
We pioneered the concept of a hybrid ‘box in a box’ system for high-performance sound insulation.
Lateral Perimeter Isolation
Lateral Perimeter Isolation
Full area elastomeric materials used to acoustically separate the isolated structure, usually a floating floor slab, from surrounding rigid elements.
Springs, Bearing Assemblies & VFT Systems
Provide low frequency vibration isolation for large structures and industrial equipment.
Vertical Support Bearings
Elastomeric bearings used to support the vertical loads of the building whilst acting as a low natural frequency spring to eliminate the disturbance associated with ground-borne vibration and re-radiated noise.

Expert Design Support

The success of a building isolation project is not just reliant on the performance of the isolation bearings but also requires consideration of the entire building design including:

  • Structural modelling to achieve an integrated design between the structure and the isolation bearings.
  • Robust structural design to take disproportionate collapse and column effective length into account.
  • Effective structural and architectural detailing of all interfaces between isolated and non-isolated elements (may be structural internal fit out or services)
  • A construction methodology that minimises risk, time and cost

Collaborative Contractor Support

The success of a building isolation project is not just reliant on the performance of the isolation bearings but also requires consideration of the entire building design including:

  • Guidance on overall building design and construction
  • Planning and co-ordination with the contractor to ensure products can be unloaded from the delivery wagon and efficiently transported to the work area
  • Well-thought through installation methodologies that take into account location specific constraints with clear and comprehensive installation instructions / drawings
  • Installation briefings, on-site support and inspections
Building acoustics
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