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Most commonly raised vibration queries

How can I reduce the vibration transmission to the surrounding area?

There are several methods available to manage the transmission of vibration from equipment to the surrounding area. The choice of the appropriate system relies on factors such as the type of equipment, its mass, operating frequency, dynamic loads, and the operating environment. Various options are at your disposal, including specialised mounts or pads created to absorb and dampen vibrations. These can be positioned between the machine and its foundation or between its components, and isolated foundations or floating floors beneath the machine can reduce direct contact with the floor, thereby minimising vibration transmission. For custom solutions tailored to your machinery’s specific characteristics, you can seek advice from Farrat.

How can I minimise the press movement and improve the longevity of the equipment and tooling?

To control press movement, employ anti-vibration pads to dampen sudden impacts and vibrations, thereby reducing equipment stress. Optimise the foundation design for stability and vibration absorption, which can significantly decrease press movement. Consult with equipment manufacturers or specialists such as Farrat for insights into tailored measures and solutions for your machinery.

Will the equipment need a full-size foundation or just the pads?

The answer largely hinges on the mass of the equipment in question. For instance, a heavier piece of equipment, such as a mechanical press, would require a concrete inertia block to augment the mass in the isolation system. On the other hand, a comparatively lighter piece of equipment like a compressor can effectively use specialised mounts or anti-vibration pads.

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