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We have delivered vibration control for steam turbines, plant and machinery in this sector.

Controlling vibration in the Power sector is important for several reasons including;

Safety: High levels of vibration can pose a safety hazard for workers and nearby residents. Excessive vibration can cause structural damage to buildings, leading to collapse or other hazards. Controlling vibration can help to minimise these risks, promoting the safety of workers and the public.

Environmental impact: Vibrations can also have environmental consequences, such as soil erosion, damage to nearby ecosystems, and noise pollution. Controlling vibration can help to minimise these impacts and promote sustainable power generation practices.

Regulatory compliance: The power industry is highly regulated, and companies must comply with strict safety and environmental standards. Controlling vibration is often a requirement of these standards, and failure to meet these requirements can result in regulatory penalties or even shutdowns.

System efficiency: Vibration can also affect the efficiency of power generation and transmission systems, reducing overall system performance and increasing energy consumption. Controlling vibration can help to improve system efficiency, reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

Equipment performance: Power generation and transmission systems rely on complex machinery and equipment that can be sensitive to vibration. Excessive vibration can cause damage to equipment, leading to equipment failure and downtime. Controlling vibration can help to improve equipment performance, reliability, and longevity, reducing maintenance costs and improving overall system efficiency.

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