Industrial Vibration Control

Equipment manufacturers are increasingly designing machinery to work faster and with more precision, whilst reducing weight and cost. Farrat Isolated Foundations are used in many applications to ensure the operating conditions are controlled to within equipment specifications, to maximise productivity and to conform to H&S and local authority requirements.

Vibration Isolation Solutions

Whether you are relocating existing machinery, installing new equipment or are involved in detailing foundations, Farrat have the knowledge and experience to provide appropriate vibration control solutions.

isolated foundation solutions
Vibration Isolation Solutions
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Our products & services

Engineering led vibration & noise consultancy
Farrat offer a wide range of analysis, design and consultancy services, working on-site to find the right solution.
Support and Levelling
We have been designing and manufacturing high performance Machine Mounts and Machinery installation systems since the 1959.
Vibration control in Industrial Buildings & Crane Rails
We focus on preventing the transmission of vibration and noise from crane rails to surrounding structures and equipment.
Vibration isolation of Impact Machinery
We understand the importance of selecting the correct vibration isolation solution for your impact machinery and the environment it operates in.
Vibration protection of Precision Machinery
Even small vibrations can significantly affect the accuracy and quality of precision machinery. Our specialist vibration solutions deliver repeatable results.
Anti-Vibration Materials
A high-performance range of vibration and shock damping
 materials with excellent chemical resistance to industrial fluids.

Engineering led vibration control services and solutions for industrial clients around the world

We achieve this through engineering led services and solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our solutions are delivered globally as a proactive, rapid response service in order to keep projects and production processes on track.

We work with a wide variety of customers, industrial applications and facility sizes on a daily basis, ranging from Canning and Automotive, to Power Generation and Sheet Metal Production.

Installation Services

Farrat Installation Services have supplied clients from a wide range of projects with the guarantee of complete isolation, overseen by our team of project managers and engineers with specialist experience in acoustic and vibration isolation.

If installation is not required from Farrat we will support project managers and contractors with onsite installation training.

Claridge's Ballroom Installation
Claridge's Ballroom Installation

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