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Isofoam is a high quality, durable and economical material.

Isofoam is used predominantly as a sidewall / lateral vibration damping and isolation material

Isofoam is a high quality, durable and economical material.


  • Produced from high quality Closed Cell EPDM foam
  • High resilience and low damping characteristics
  • Can be supplied as sheets or cut to size pads and strips (including holes and slots if required) according to the customer’s requirements.
Isofoam Characteristics
Characteristics Unit Test Standard ISOFO120
Elastomeric Material Closed Cell EPDM
Colour Black
Thicknesses (alternatives available on request) mm 15, 25, 50
Standard Sheet Size mm 2000x1000
Compression Modulus - Average Static (Ec) N/mm2 / Mpa 0.17
Max working Pressure (25% deflection) kPa 42.5
Equivalent depth of wet concrete m 0 to 1.5
Ultimate Pressure (50% deflection) kPa 112
Density kg/m3 120 ±20
Compression Set (50%, 22h, 20°C) % ASTM D1056-00 21.1
Water absorbtion (max change in weight) % ASTM D1056-00 0.9
Elongation at break % ISO 1798-7 >150
Tensile Strength kPa ISO 1798-7 >300
Operating Temperatures * °C -40 to +70
Maximium intermittent temperature °C +90
Flamability (Burn rate <100m) FMVSS-302 Pass
Resistance to Air + UV Excellent
Resistance to Acids Good
Resistance to Oil Poor*
Environmental CFC & HFC Free. Can be recycled.

Typical Applications

Farrat Isofoam can be used in the following applications;

    • Sidewall isolation of:
      • Passive and Lateral Isolated Foundations
      • Acoustic Floating Floors
    • Vibration isolation of lightweight loads.

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