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Acoustic washers

Farrat manufacture a range of acoustic / anti-vibration washers to meet the needs of your specific application and we can help you select the right product.

Anti-vibration washers are the most efficient way to isolate bolt through connections

  • Steelwork Isolation in building structures
  • Machine tool holding down bolts
  • Isolation of studwork wall channels (in conjunction the FAVIM)

Our engineering capabilities

Our range of anti-vibration materials are manufactured in the UK and distributed worldwide across a wide range of industries. We are proud of the high performance these materials have provided our customers in their applications. Material properties such as stiffness, dynamic stiffness, damping, load bearing capacity, shape factor, creep and hysteresis are continually tested in our R&D facility to provide an assured performance.

We operate under an ISO 9001:2021 Quality Assurance System and under the international ISO 14001:2021 Environmental Management Standard.

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