Our vibration isolation services tackle the adverse impacts of vibrations on machinery and structures, ensuring optimal performance, durability, and precision. Throughout the prototyping phase, our assessments play a crucial role in refining our solutions, design and testing processes. Our engineers conduct thorough evaluations to pinpoint potential issues and offer recommendations before full-scale production commences.

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Most commonly raised vibration queries

Can we measure the vibration levels generated by the equipment?

Certainly, our engineers can perform on-site assessments to ascertain the level of vibrations transmitted to the surrounding area and provide recommendations for mitigation measures.

Can we test the effectiveness of isolation system designed?

After installation, vibration measurements can be carried out to assess the efficiency of the isolation system. Contact Farrat for further details.

Can we address excessive movement of the equipment?

To control excessive movement of the equipment, employ anti-vibration pads to dampen sudden impacts and vibrations, thereby reducing equipment stress. Optimise the foundation design for stability and vibration absorption, which can significantly decrease press movement. Consult with equipment manufacturers or specialists such as Farrat for insights into tailored measures and solutions for your machinery.

Can we identify structural issues within the equipment?

Approaches such as Vibration Analysis and Modal Analysis can be employed to identify structural deficiencies within the equipment. Vibration analysis is effective in detecting irregularities in the equipment’s vibrations, revealing potential structural issues. Modal analysis, on the other hand, is a method used to explore the dynamic characteristics of a structure, encompassing natural frequencies, mode shapes, and damping ratios. When applied to a machine, modal analysis provides engineers with valuable insights into its structural behavior across various operating conditions. Contact Farrat for further details.

Can you help me comply with council regulations / H&S guidelines?

Farrat is well-equipped to aid clients in complying with regulations and implementing measures to manage the transmission of vibrations. Our engineers can support you in conducting vibration investigations, analyses, design and implementation of mitigating measures.

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