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Performance Fingerprinting

Most people would not consider the idea of buying a house without first getting a survey of its condition carried out by an expert. Many machines cost far more than a house, so wouldn’t it make sense to do the same thing when investing in machinery?

Our fingerprinting service is especially useful if you are considering having a machine refurbished, upgraded or revamped.

As an example, we have carried out before and after refurbishment fingerprints on most of the roll grinding machines installed in the roll shops of a large UK steel producer.

Considering buying new machinery or having an existing machine upgraded or refurbished?

Find out how we can help you minimise the risk associated with your investment by providing you with the maximum possible information upfront about the performance of the machine in question.

Before Refurbishment
  • Identifies sources of high vibrations from worn gears, damaged bearings, etc. and pinpoints regions of flexibility caused by slideway wear, for example.
  • Helps to identify nature of refurbishment work required, and to prioritise activities.
After Refurbishment
  • Helps guide and optimise the process of re-installation of the machine.
  • Helps fine-tune the performance of the refurbished machine.
  • Assesses the effectiveness of the refurbishment work carried out.
  • Provides a baseline fingerprint against which the performance of the machine can be compared in the future.

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