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Troubleshooting Vibration Problems

This process aims to identify and rectify root causes, ensuring optimal machinery performance and longevity.

The core objective in here is to conduct a thorough and precise diagnosis to pinpoint the underlying causes of vibrations.

A key focus of the troubleshooting process involves a meticulous examination to ascertain whether the vibration issue originates from defects within rotating equipment. This could encompass problems with bearings, gears, or issues related to imbalance in the machinery. Identifying these specific mechanical irregularities is crucial for devising targeted and effective solutions to rectify the problem at its source.

Furthermore, the diagnostic approach extends beyond merely identifying defects to encompass a nuanced understanding of resonant issues. It aims to determine whether the vibration problem is being amplified by resonant frequencies, even in cases where the vibration might seem normal under usual circumstances. This level of detail is pivotal in providing a comprehensive diagnosis and devising strategies to address not only the apparent symptoms but also the underlying factors contributing to the vibration challenges.

Our troubleshooting methodology has been refined since 1959 by delving deep into the intricacies of machinery dynamics. This comprehensive approach ensures that solutions are not generic but tailored to the specific causes of vibration problems, promoting sustainable and effective resolutions for enhanced operational performance.

Troubleshooting vibration issues in machinery involves a systematic approach


  • Visual inspection
  • Checking foundation and mounting
  • Inspecting lubrication
  • Balancing rotating components
  • Verifying alignment
  • Evaluating wear and tear

As well as:

  • Reviewing operational parameters
  • Utilizing vibration analysis tools
  • Analysing resonance
  • Implementing corrective actions
  • Implementing continuous monitoring for long-term effectiveness

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