Valpraxis, Geneva, Switzerland

Project Overview

  • 1,700 m2 of post-and-beam aluminium facade,
  • 160 windows (60 of which with fully motorised for ventilation),
  • 640 m2 of aluminium cassette cladding,
  • 130 ml of STEPHAN-designed brise-soleil in the attic,
  • another 400 ml of custom-made grating brise-soleil for this project,
  • 210 ml of all-glass balustrades, 3 glazed awnings,
  • 1,700 m2 of slatted blinds,
  • 2 automatic sliding doors
  • and 1 automatic revolving door for a 6 storey office building in Geneva.

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The Challenge

How to carry the high loads of a safety system for cleaning the façades from the outside with loads being transmitted from steel end plates into the reinforced concrete frame.

The Solution

20mm thick STRUKTRA TBK plates backed up with Farrat’s design support and efficient service proved themselves to be the ideal choice for this challenging application.

Farrat provided 3d thermal modelling support to justify the use of 20mm thick TBK as opposed to the typical 25mm thickness. 

The Outcome

A clean, efficient and compact solution that achieved all of structural and thermal requirements and was installed easily and quickly.

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