Private music room

Acoustic Consultant
Bickerdike Allen Partners
Mark Hines Architects
Key Facts
Bespoke box in box solution for private apartment
Sand cement floating slab
Total system height of 100mm

The Challenge

Farrat worked in close partnership with the architect to develop a bespoke workable solution. Although there was a height constraint of 100mm the objective was to use as much mass as possible in the floating slab. Access constraints and the size of the room meant that a concrete slab was out of the question but a screed slab would provide the highest amount of mass in this case.

The Solution

Farrat designed a floating floor system comprised of 30mm Isomat Isolators, 12mm thick ply and 58mm thick reinforced screed, thereby resulting in a total system height of 100mm. Following a client visit to explain the schedule of work it then took a further two days to install the dry system and one day to install the screed. The screed was mixed outside the building on the ground floor and then carefully brought up in the service lift into the apartment.

The final step was a short visit to provide an acoustic seal around the perimeter and clean up. The screed – Tarmac Cemscreed5 with Expamet expanding metal mesh reinforcement – could be walked on after 12 hours but had to be left to dry for 5 days before floor coverings could be applied. The completed room now looks fantastic and there is no hint that a sophisticated acoustic isolation system is in place.

Apartment Owner
A neighbour asked when I was having my piano installed and I was able to answer 3 weeks ago and I have been using it every day!!

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