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Key Facts
Slab thickness: 123mm
Natural frequency: 10Hz

The Challenge

The machine, used for performing demanding measuring tasks in laboratory and production environments, is extremely heavy with only three support feet each loaded with 17kN point loads which would in turn cause high pressure loadings on the floating slabs. There would also be other equipment of varying loads to go on the slab and the layout was regularly altered leading up to the final layout. All of this contributed to a fairly demanding design and installation process.

The Solution

Working in close partnership with all parties including the Structural Engineer, Architect and Main Contractor, Farrat came up with a solution which would meet the specific challenges posed by this unique R&D laboratory application.

In the end it was decided to split the slab to provide appropriate load bearing on one slab with an imposed loading of 8kN/m2 where the CMM was to be located and imposed loading of 3kN/m2 for other equipment on the second slab.

AcouStruct installed the dry systems, then handed over to the client to install the mesh and pour the concrete slab.

John Mitchell
Team Leader/Technical Manager, ROC Building Ltd
On what was a highly bespoke job we appreciated the high level of technical proficiency demonstrated by Farrat.

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