Jaguar Landrover

Robot Inspection, CMM and Presses
Jaguar Landrover, Slovakia
Farrat Solutions
Over 1,000 Isomat pads of various rubber compounds and sizes

Project Overview

The Solution

Farrat worked with the Structural Engineers and Jaguar Landrover Project Personnel to ensure the robots were sufficiently isolated, while providing stability for the robots to inspect at speed.

Farrat’s Technical Team designed bespoke Vibration Isolation systems for several robot mounted non-contact sensor systems in the plant, and also provided Vibration Isolation Materials for CMM’s and Presses in the same factory.

In total, Farrat supplied over 1,000 Isomat pads of various rubber compounds and sizes, to allow fine tuning of the required Dynamic natural frequency and to achieve the required isolation and stability of each machine.

Lateral isolation was provided in the form of Farrat Isofoam, which was installed on the walls of the machine foundations.

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