Isomat provides the ideal combination of vibration isolation, damping and cost-effectiveness

Structural Engineer
CCL Engineering
Vibration Consultant
Waldrich Siegen roll grinder
Key Facts
2.75 to 1 ratio of total machine + component + foundation /Machine + component mass
100 Isomat IMCR70-50 Isolators

The Challenge

Voith was keen to move and install a very large reconditioned Waldrich Siegen roll grinder from Korea to Voith Paper in Manchester – the main purpose of this unit would be to grind paper machine rolls for one of the world’s largest paper mills. As the client was initially unsure if vibration isolation was required, Farrat suggested Univib undertake a survey which verified that there were low levels of vibration in the ground.

Whilst the actual vibration levels were low it was decided that it would be worth investing in a 7Hz vibration control system as a precautionary measure in case of vibrations from overhead cranes, future developments and adverse impacts from dropping components.

The Solution

Farrat came up with a holistic solution to the identification and mitigation of shock and vibration on this project. In conjunction with the structural engineer, we decided that an Isomat Isolated Foundation System would provide the ideal combination of vibration isolation, damping and sensible cost in order to respond to the client’s unique requirements. This solution combines an ideal blend of vibration isolation and damping as well as being maintenance free and extremely durable in terms of ongoing performance.

Farrat also provided calculations to predict deflections during construction and operation as well as dynamic natural frequency and foundation movement due to changing load conditions. After being supplied with the complete system, including more than 100 isolators, the client completed the installation themselves quickly and efficiently based on Farrat’s instructions.

Steven Walls
Facilities Manager, Voith Paper
Farrat were extremely supportive in terms of survey, product supply and their guidance of the installation process.

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