Reducing Cupper Press Movement with Farrat Isomat

Project Overview

Cupper Presses are an integral part of can manufacturing, used to stamp cylindrical cups from rolls of aluminium or steel. This action generates vertical ‘shock’ excitations at frequencies determined by the speed of the machine.

The Cupper Press was installed on a 4m deep concrete inertia block supported by spring elements and viscos-dampers designed and supplied by another manufacturer. Even on coil springs the press was affecting the neighbouring factory so the springs were softened, ending up at a system natural frequency of 1.25 Hz.

The Challenge

Whilst this softening was sufficient to stop the ground-borne disturbance of the neighbour, it resulted in high levels of vertical and rotational ‘bobbing’ movement of the press itself leading to unwanted stoppages, higher levels of spoilage (scrap) and premature tool wear that impacted the productivity and operating costs of the machine.

We  were approached to provide a solution that would control this excessive movement without emitting any more vibration into the ground.

The Solution

Our Engineers developed a replacement isolation system using Isomat, a product that has been used in a wide range of applications including stamping presses, forges, ultra-sensitive machines, scientific equipment, and building structures for many decades. A vibration investigation was conducted by our team to measure the level of vibration emitted before and after the replacement of the spring elements, to assess the efficiency of the Isomat system.

Significant vibration reduction could be seen in each part of the system, particularly at the operational speed of the Cupper Press at slightly below 2 Hz. This is the frequency where the machine is most likely to be moving and rocking, impacting the process quality. The calculated deflection under dynamic loads was under 1 mm, which is significantly lower when compared to Spring Isolators.

The pre-existing system of springs with visco-dampers were proven unsuitable because of its extremely low natural frequency, which is excessively close to the disturbing frequencies generated by the Cupper Press – increasing the risk of resonance.

Partner Profile

By partnering closely with our client, we conducted thorough investigations to meet their specific requirements using the Isomat system. This resulted in a notable reduction in machine movements, maintained a quiet environment for surrounding buildings, and offered hassle-free maintenance. This showcases the effectiveness of the Isomat system for Cupper Press and similar impact machinery.

Reducing Cupper Press Movement
reducing with isomat
reducing with isomat

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