Royal College of General Practioners

Main Contractor & Client
Tilney Shane
Acoustic Consultant
Cole Jarman
Steelwork Fabricator
DMR Structural
Key Facts
290 seat auditorium + 6 disabled
212m2 of Isomat Acoustic Floating Floors
700 Isomat Floating Floor Isolators
22 Natural Rubber Laminated Bearings for Seating Structure

The Challenge

There were some particular challenges posed by virtue of the fact that the building is Grade II listed and structural changes were planned, as well as an internal fit-out to accommodate 350 employees of the college. The other key requirement would be to isolate the internal elements of the auditorium from the surrounding buildings including University College Hospital and University College London using a box-in-box type construction.

The floating floor itself would need to be designed to achieve not more than 12Hz which would provide around 96-98% isolation from the disturbing rail frequencies which peaked at around 100Hz.

The Solution

The Acoustic Consultant tasked Farrat with providing acoustic isolation to the floor and seating structures. From this the acoustic inner box walls could be installed and the acoustic ceiling was suspended using resilient hangers from the structural ceiling.

Farrat’s significant experience of such applications from numerous cinemas, concert halls and other auditoria meant that we could offer a hands-on service taking the acoustic consultant’s requirements, the un-factored dead and live loadings from the structural engineer and the connection details from the steelwork fabricator. We then worked closely with the steelwork fabricator (DMR Structural) to ensure that each isolator would fit.

As well as working alongside numerous other contractors our specialist AcouStruct installation team worked around the logistical constraints of the auditorium being in the basement as well as the fact that the building was not yet watertight. An adjacent street had to be temporarily closed off in order to place the pump for the concrete pour and a 60 metre concrete pipeline was used to get the concrete into basement. Our experienced and pro-active team installed the entire floating concrete slab in just four days.

Tim Street
Acoustic Consultant, Cole Jarman
This project demanded excellence in vibration control.

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