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Farrat and UNIVIB engineers combined have provided clients with worldwide industrial vibration control services for over 90 years

From concept to installation and sign off, our application engineers will work with you to deliver a tailored solution that optimises performance, efficiency and accuracy of industrial machinery within your production facility. The range of services that we offer are listed above and are grounded in decades of experience in the testing of all aspects of machinery performance (with a particular emphasis on vibration testing and analysis).

If you are intending to install sensitive equipment into a factory in which there may be vibration sources that might upset the operation of that equipment, then a survey of the ambient levels of floor vibration is a sensible precaution to take prior to committing to installation. This is a service which our engineers have offered for many years, using various vibration sensors and portable analysis equipment.

We are typically commissioned to carry out surveys of floor vibration levels at the proposed sites of installation of grinding machines, coordinate measuring machines and sensitive measuring instruments such as speckle pattern interferometers. We have also been consulted about the likely isolation systems required when mounting service plant machines such as chillers, onto the roofs of new hospital buildings.

Our reports always include practical advice on the types of isolation system that need to be considered.

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