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Industrial Vibration Isolation – a showcase of our latest projects

Posted on February 8, 2022
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Industrial Vibration Isolation – a showcase of our latest projects

In our latest project showcase below, we share a few of our recent Industrial Vibration Control projects, which highlight how our expert vibration control systems are being used to maximise accuracy, efficiency, and ensure the health & safety of production employees across can making and power generation industries.

The Lakeside EfW facility, UK

Based near Slough, this energy from waste power plant processes over 450,000 tonnes of residual waste per year, whilst generating 306GWh of power. It led the way in terms of environmental impact back in 2017, by becoming the first in the country to achieve the zero waste to landfill target by recycling all the residues left behind from waste processing and turning it into sustainable energy.

An education centre is located adjacent to the facility, where schools and other groups can learn about sustainable waste management and energy from waste to promote the switch to zero waste in the future.

Farrat have designed and manufactured a bespoke vibration control system, which is currently being installed on critical overhead machinery within the facility, to maximise efficiency and minimise the effects of vibration on the surrounding structure.

Farrat NR62 Hybrid Bearings and bespoke Shear Key Bearings form part of the overall solution to support the crane structure.

Ceylon Beverage Can, Sri Lanka

This is the most advanced facility in the region with state-of-the-art technology in metal forming and printing. The plant is equipped with the latest machinery and quality gauges with the capacity of producing 720 million cans and 2 billion ends per year. With cans as a highly recyclable liquid packaging option on the increase due to their sustainability credentials, the efficient running of this facility is essential to meet demand.

Farrat recently completed a machine foundation isolation project for a cupper press and bodymaker that was installed on site. The vibration isolation system comprised of Farrat Isomat , which is made from Nitrile rubber, and Vidam, which is made of cork composite.

Farrat Isomat offers excellent damping characteristics for impact applications such as presses, while Vidam works well to damp lateral loads coming onto the foundation walls. Together the anti-vibration materials work to mitigate the impact of vibration on the machinery, and ensure high levels of productivity and efficiency.

Pomini Tenova, Italy

Pomini Tenova is a global leader in the production of roll grinders, for rolls belonging to flat products mills such as steel and other non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum, processed in beverage can manufacturing plants and paper mills. Pomini Tenova also delivers special machines for the grinding of heavy components across the industrial sector.

A bespoke Farrat Isolated Foundation system was recently supplied for two roll grinding machines, that went on to be installed at a sheet metal plant in the United States.

This form of precision equipment should be protected from all sources of external vibrations, to avoid chatter marks on the finished rolls (reducing wastage), and also to ensure the health & safety of both the machinery and employees.

The Farrat industrial vibration isolation solution was engineered from a combination of Farrat Isomat base isolators and Farrat Isofoam Wall isolators. This solution effectively isolates all incoming frequencies from the base, as well as walls of the foundation, and improves the overall efficiency of the machine.

On a mission across the globe

The growth of the can-making industry means that with the right incentives, liquid packaging using cans could become 100% recyclable, and our vibration isolation solutions ensure that the manufacturing of these cans and tops can be done at optimal levels of productivity and efficiency.

Where businesses are committing to zero waste, onsite recycling, and energy generation through original approaches, Farrat is equally committed to using our specialist knowledge and bespoke vibration isolation solutions to optimise these innovative solutions.

For more information on Farrat Industrial Vibration Isolation solutions including Isolated Foundations take a look at our Industrial Vibration Control centre, or our Can Making Hub.


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