Nitrile (BR)

Nitrile (BR) is a versatile anti vibration material used predominantly in industrial applications for its excellent vibration damping, shock absorption and chemical resistance characteristics.

A high performance vibration and shock damping material with excellent chemical resistance to industrial fluids. The BR compound is the same material used in Isomat BR.

  • Load range: up to 1.8 N/mm² (SLS)
  • Vertical Natural Frequency: down to 15Hz
  • Average Damping Ratio ζ: 8.5 – 10%
  • Standard Sheet Size: 1000 x 500 mm

Why choose Farrat Nitrile (BR)?

  • High resilience
  • High damping
  • Low level of creep
  • Tread pattern improved grip and dynamic performance
  • Manufactured by Farrat in UK
  • Can be supplied as full sheets, cut to size pads and strips (including holes and slots if required) according to the customer’s requirements.


  • In low pressure applications it may be necessary to consider alternative materials such as Farrat Isomat Nitrile IMBR. Farrat are happy to advise and provide technical calculations to specify the most appropriate material.
  • Where bolt through connections are required, Farrat Anti-vibration (AW) washers and bushes should be incorporated in order to allow free movement of the pad and to ensure that the bolt does not transmit vibration across the connection.
Farrat NBR pads and Farrat Washers for wind turbine mast damping gaskets
  • Impact machinery (e.g. Power Press Elastomer Bearings for mechanical and hydraulic presses, turret punch presses, guillotines, etc.)
  • General use for industrial machinery and hydraulic equipment
  • Metal, timber and concrete production machinery
  • Printing & packaging machinery
  • Textile machinery
  • Measuring, test and electronic equipment
  • Mining equipment

Note: these applications are a guide based on typical examples that we see regularly. The ideal material will depend on the specific characteristics and constraints of your application.

Farrat Nitrile BR used to isolate Fukui Presses, Ogihara

Fukui Presses

Type: Nitrile BR Pads

Weaving Machines sat on Farrat Nitrile BR Anti-vibration Pads

Weaving Machines

Type: Nitrile BR Pads

Farrat Nitrile BR Anti-vibration pads

Steel Column

Type: Nitrile BR Pads

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