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Springs, Bearing Assemblies & VFT Systems

Provide low frequency vibration isolation for large structure s
and industrial equipment.

Commonly used methods for vibration control in various applications.

Springs, bearing assemblies, and VFT (Vibration Isolation, Fluid Damping, and Tuned Mass systems)

Our techniques and options include:


Springs are widely used for vibration isolation and control. They are designed to absorb and dissipate energy from vibrations, reducing the transmission of vibrations to the surrounding structure. Different types of springs, such as steel coil springs, air springs, or rubber springs, can be used depending on the specific requirements of the application. Springs are often employed in machinery mounts, suspension systems, and base isolation systems to isolate vibrations and minimise their effects.

Bearing Assemblies

Bearing assemblies are used to support and isolate loads, including vertical loads in buildings or machinery. They provide stability and reduce the transmission of vibrations by incorporating resilient materials, such as rubber or elastomers, to absorb and dampen vibrations. Bearing assemblies, such as rubber mounts or spring mounts, are particularly effective in reducing vibrations in equipment, machinery, or structural elements.

VFT Systems

VFT (Vibration Isolation, Fluid Damping, and Tuned Mass) systems combine different elements to control vibrations. These systems typically consist of tuned mass dampers, fluid dampers, and isolators. Tuned mass dampers are used to counteract vibrations by introducing a secondary mass that oscillates out of phase with the primary vibrations. Fluid dampers incorporate viscous fluids to dissipate energy from vibrations, reducing their amplitude. Isolators, such as rubber or elastomeric mounts, provide further vibration isolation. VFT systems are commonly employed in various applications, including buildings, bridges, and industrial machinery, to control vibrations across a wide frequency range.

Our engineering capabilities

The selection and design of these systems depend on factors such as the magnitude and frequency of vibrations, the type of equipment or structure, and the desired level of vibration reduction.

Consulting with our vibration control specialists will help determine the most appropriate combination of springs, bearing assemblies, and VFT systems for a given application.

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