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Lateral Perimeter Isolation

Why choose Farrat for Perimeter Acoustic Isolation Strips?

Farrat Perimeter Acoustic Isolation Strips are used in conjunction with acoustic floating floors to maintain the isolation of the floating element by preventing it from touching the surrounding walls or other isolated structures. They are fitted as the first step in the installation process for all types of acoustic floating floors and have further applications in assisting with setting the finished floor level and cleaning perimeter concrete snots.

All options in our range of Perimeter Isolation Strips perform the function of providing a resilient separation between the floating element and the surrounding structure in an acoustic floating floor construction. However, each have different features so please contact us to discuss the specific requirements of your installation.

Installation Services

Farrat Installation Services have supplied clients from a wide range of projects with the guarantee of complete isolation, overseen by our team of project managers and engineers with specialist experience in acoustic and vibration isolation.

If installation is not required from Farrat we will support project managers and contractors with onsite installation training.

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