Farrat Isomounts have been designed to provide effective vertical and horizontal shock absorption, vibration isolation and damping as well as easy and precise levelling, for a wide variety of machinery and equipment.

Farrat Isomounts provide a simple, economical and flexible solution to factory or plant room layout planning, enabling easy installation and movement of machines without the need for bolting down or grouting.

Our Isomounts are manufactured from the highest quality zinc plated steel and Farrat NBR high damping, oil resistant rubber. The design has been continuously improved to ensure long-term durability against mechanical degradation and chemical corrosion. This is proven with thousands of worldwide industrial applications. 

Load range from 150kg up to 5,000kg per mount.

10451H 18.1 NEW

Farrat Isomount Range


Farrat Isomounts

Load range from 150kg up to 12,000kg per mount.

Adjusting screw sizes and lengths available.

Isomount Sizes & Lengths

RefMax Load (kg)D1 (mm)D2 (mm)H1 (mm)H2 (mm)Vertical Adjustment (mm)Standard Rubber (IRHD A)Vertical Spring Constant (kN/mm)Horizontal Spring Constant (kN/mm)Damping (C/Cc)Dynamic to Static Modulus

Screw Threads

UnitHex Head (H)Hex Stud (SH)
1-80M10x1.5 M12x1.75-
2-80M12x1.75 M16x2.0M16x1.5
35-80M20x1.5 M24x1.5M20x1.5 M24x1.5
4-80M20x1.5 M24x1.5M20x1.5 M24x1.5

Adjusting Screw Sizes & Lengths

Style HM10x1.5M12x1.75M16x2.0M20x1.5M24x1.5
Length (mm)6080100100130
Length (mm)80100150150150
Length (mm)---250200
Style SH--M16x1.5M20x1.5M24x1.5
Length (mm)--100170170
Length (mm)--120--

Features & Benefits

  • Vertical and horizontal shock and vibration isolation performance
  • Improve performance, reduce wear and lower noise levels of machines
  • Simple and economical machine installation
  • High friction grip so machines do not move
  • Factory layout flexibility (no bolting down or grouting)
  • Heavy duty and durable design
  • Manufactured from the highest quality materials
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • Thousands of worldwide industrial applications

Machinery Applications

Injection Moulding machines, Presses, Forging, hydraulic and mechanical, Die-casting machines, Turret punching machines, Rubber machinery, Packaging machinery, Testing and Measuring machinery, Diesel generators, Hydraulic power packs, Compressors and Pump sets.

Need help with your Application?

By their very nature, industrial machinery and equipment will generate shock and vibration which can affect the performance of the machine itself as well propagate through the ground to disturb operators, surroundings such as floors and foundations, building structures, offices and neighbouring residents and businesses etc.

Working closely with a trusted global network of industrial distributors and original equipment manufacturers, we have provided solutions to all manner of industrial applications, from full automotive production lines to individual machine tools and HVAC equipment, power presses, roll grinders and printing presses.

To find out which Farrat solution is most suitable to your machine, Click Here to view our Industrial Application Guides.

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