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How Tuned Mass Dampers can cure torsional vibration problems on large milling machines

Posted on February 14, 2022
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How Tuned Mass Dampers can cure torsional vibration problems on large milling machines

Farrat works with Production Engineers and OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) within high-capacity rolling mills around the world, to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of a wide range of machinery through vibration control.

A key role we play within the rolled metal and aluminum industry is preventing ‘chatter’.

Chatter refers to the inaccuracies and/or faults in the finish of a manufactured product as a result of vibration sources impacting machine accuracy.

In the recent case study below, we demonstrate how Tuned Mass Dampers can be used as an effective industrial vibrational solution for large milling machines.

The Scenario

Farrat was contacted by the Production Manager at a global aeronautics company, who had identified reporting issues with the performance of a large milling machine within a busy manufacturing plant.

The milling machine was used to machine titanium aero-engine components; therefore, accuracy was essential for the precision part.

On further inspection by Farrat Applications Engineers, the machine was noticeably severely hampered by chatter instability, occurring at the 64 Hz frequency.

The Investigation

Farrat Applications Engineers conducted modal analysis to measure the effects of vibrations on surrounding machinery, as well as activity on the milling machine. The data showed that torsional resonance of the spindle and drivetrain was causing the issue.

If left unresolved, the chatter disturbance would continue and potentially worsen as the effects of the vibration increasingly affected the milling accuracy.

The Conclusion

In order to reduce the effects of the surrounding vibration, a vibration Tuned Mass Damper was fitted to the rear face of the milling cutter. The damper was then carefully tuned to the specific frequency of the torsional resonance that was disrupting the performance of the milling machine, resolving the torsional vibration problems.

As a result of this damper being installed, the chatter was completely eliminated, and the milling machine has performed at the required level of accuracy ever since.

For more information on how we’re supporting manufacturers and machine refurbishers with our vibration consultancy, analysis, and troubleshooting services, take a look at our Industrial Vibration Isolation hub or contact our Industrial Applications team.


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