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When designing an auditorium, it is essential that the acoustic performance of the cinema screen is not compromised by rigid connection to any surrounding structures.

A complete range of solutions for isolating lightweight raked seating in cinemas.

Our CineTIMBER systems ensure that the most vital secondary structure of a cinema, the raked seating, is kept totally independent of the main structure, the structural floor slab and any adjacent screens.

This keeps cinema sound where it belongs and stops unwanted noise intrusion.


100% recycled and 100% recyclable, CineTIMBER NEO acoustic isolation strips are for projects where material supply and/or cost is significantly constrained.


The most innovative lightweight stadia seating isolation system in the market, CineTIMBER LITE uses high-compression acoustic washers to pre-compress the load bearing isolation strips achieving very low natural frequencies with almost no dead load.


The most common “value engineered” design in raked seating isolation, utilising composite stadia decking made from plywood, dense plasterboard and in some cases cement particle board, to achieve very high levels of sound insulation without using concrete.

We offer performance warranties up to 15 years demonstrating both expertise and confidence.

The longest in the industry.

CineTIMBER Quality

We work regularly with the most respected cinema brands and project teams currently leading the market, including Cineworld, VOX, VUE, REEL, Odeon and Empire.

Installation Services

Farrat Installation Services have supplied clients from a wide range of projects with the guarantee of complete isolation, overseen by our team of project managers and engineers with specialist experience in acoustic and vibration isolation.

If installation is not required from Farrat we will support project managers and contractors with onsite installation training.

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