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Farrat Acoustic Isolation for Cinemas

Cinemas play a significant role in modern leisure trends especially in the retail and restaurant mix where they act as the transition between shopping, dining and evening leisure.

This trend has meant that cinemas are often situated on upper storeys or on the roof as people are funnelled through the shopping centre into the cinema. Consequently, cinema design has had to evolve to overcome significant acoustic and vibration disturbance challenges from:

  • Retail units below
  • Adjacent leisure activities such as bowling alleys
  • Nearby plant and building service equipment
  • Transport noise including that from aircraft
  • Closely spaced auditoria.

The result is that modern auditoria need to have sufficient sound and vibration isolation to ensure that the customers can enjoy the films as intended. Most modern cinemas cannot rely on a thick concrete structural slab to provide sufficient isolation but instead look to a variety of box-in-box designs to decouple each auditorium from its surroundings (see example below).

Which Farrat solution is most suitable?

Farrat can help in overcoming these challenges. From outline design, all the way through to installation, we have the multi-disciplinary knowledge and capabilities in place to assist the entire design team. We provide detailed advice and specification assistance, drawing on our wide portfolio of High Performance Sound Insulation products and solutions, as well as our highly trained installation team, enabling us to deliver a fully guaranteed package.


Suitable Farrat solutions for the isolation of Cinemas include:

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