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Farrat Building Acoustics – latest cinema acoustic isolation projects

Posted on January 21, 2022
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Farrat Building Acoustics – latest cinema acoustic isolation projects

Utilising over 60 years’ experience in acoustic isolation, Farrat created the Cine range as the ultimate answer to the cinema market’s most demanding acoustic challenges.

Cine is the first range of high-performance building acoustics solutions designed specifically for cinemas and offers cinema designers, contractors, and cinema operators a ‘simple-to-select’ acoustic isolation solution for floors, raked seating, and walls, in auditoriums of all shapes and sizes.

In our latest project showcase, we demonstrate how the full Cine range of acoustic isolation solutions are typically integrated into new build and retrofit cinemas, to create truly immersive experiences for audiences.

East Square Basildon

East Square is a vibrant new development designed to give a fresh lease of life to Basildon town centre, as a ‘one-stop shop’ for leisure, shopping, dining, and seeing the latest films.

image Essex Live

Included in the scheme is the delivery of a new 10 screen Empire Cinema that will feature the largest Empire cinema screen in the south-east, with a capacity to fit 500 viewers.

Farrat designed, supplied, and installed our highest grades of cinema acoustic isolation solutions throughout the project, including

CineFLOOR acoustic floating floors are considered a staple in any new-build auditoria, as they suffer no compromises from low mass or high stiffness isolators. The CineFLOOR PRO floating slabs, as used in this project, are designed and manufactured with ease of installation, durability and follow-on trades in mind.

CineFLOOR PRO can be designed with a fully fibre reinforced concrete to allow easy seat installation without the risk of hitting the rebar. Self-compacting concrete can also be used to ensure high flatness tolerance is achieved to allow vinyl or carpet to be laid directly on top of it.

Farrat Installation Services was established for the sole purpose of offering combined acoustic flooring and concrete installation services, specifically due to the value that contractors place on having these two items wrapped up within one warranty, which minimises risk for the client.

Contact Farrat Technical here for further advice and information regarding floating slab design.

Cineworld, Belfast

Cineworld in Belfast opened in December 2021 and is the first Cineworld cinema in Northern Ireland. The multiplex includes 14 screens, 2750 seats, and the immersive viewing experiences of IMAX, 4DX, and a 270-degree ScreenX.

image from Cineworld

Farrat designed and supplied CineSTEEL MAX for this project, due to its proven and reliable secondary steelwork isolation performance within raked seating. The CineSTEEL system is based on hot-rolled structural steel, supporting 100 mm concrete stadia, and can be used in both cast-in-situ and pre-cast arrangements.

Designed specifically with program-conscious contractors in mind, CineSTEEL acoustic isolation materials are all held in stock for rapid turnaround despite comprising bespoke-cut isolators.

Contact Farrat Technical here for further advice and information regarding secondary steelwork isolation design.

Cinema Arcadia, Stezzano, Italy

Independent cinema operator Arcadia, opened the 7-screen Arcadia Stezzano theatre in November 2021. Located outside Milan, this multiplex cinema is part of the wider expansion of the Le Due Torri Shopping Center in Stezzano, and is the first new theatre opened by an independent Italian cinema operator since the COVID19 outbreak.

image from CelluloidJunkie

Arcadia Stezzano is also the first cinema in Italy with 2 auditoriums equipped with Dolby Atmos-Meyer Sound Immersive Audio, and the first theatre in Italy with 4K laser Christie projectors in all auditoriums.

Farrat supplied both CineWALL PRO and CineFLOOR PRO, as part of a high-performance acoustic isolation solution designed to ensure a premium viewing experience for audiences.

Used in more than 100 multiplex cinemas around the world, CineWALL PRO is our most frequently specified grade of partition base track isolation, as it offers the highest ratio of acoustic isolation performance vs price. CineWALL acoustic isolation strips can be used in a double layer arrangement to increase the acoustic isolation performance without affecting the maximum load capacity or installation detail. And each grade has a high load range allowing it to be used with a wide selection of wall heights.

Contact Farrat Technical here for further advice and information regarding partition isolation design.

For more information on Farrat cinema acoustic isolation solutions, the Farrat Cine range, and the range of cinema projects we have worked on around the world, please contact our team or visit our Cinema Hub here.


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