A complete range of solutions for base isolation of cinema auditorium partitions.

The CineWALL range incorporates the widest selection of vibration isolation materials within the Farrat Cine range, stretching the boundaries of Farrat’s 60 years of research and development in elastomer science. In introducing CineWALL, we have also undertaken new research to conclusively demonstrate the advantage of partition base isolation to ensure that it is an essential part of all modern multiplex cinema design.

The ultimate isolation grade for a new generation of 4DX cinemas.


CineWALL MAX Features:

  • Single Strip ƒn (up to):  13 Hz
  • Isolator Thickness:  12.5 mm
  • Double Strip ƒn (up to):  9 Hz
  • Isolator Thickness: 25 mm
  • Max Wall Height: 22 m

CineWALL MAX excels in isolating the very high levels of low frequency vibration caused by 4DX seating, but also provides the highest level of protection from the most onerous intrusive noise adjacencies such as bowling alleys and gyms.

Where optimal performance meets optimal price.


CineWALL PRO Features:

  • Single Strip ƒn (up to):  25 Hz
  • Isolator Thickness:  12.5 mm
  • Double Strip ƒn (up to):  19 Hz
  • Isolator Thickness: 25 mm
  • Max Wall Height: 13 m

Used in more than 100 multiplex cinemas around the world, CineWALL PRO is our most frequently specified grade of partition base track isolation. It offers the highest ratio of acoustic isolation performance vs price in the CineWALL range.

Maximising sound insulation with minimal imposed load.


CineWALL LITE Features:

  • Single Strip ƒn (up to):  13 Hz
  • Isolator Thickness:  12.5 mm
  • Double Strip ƒn (up to):  9 Hz
  • Isolator Thickness: 25 mm
  • Max Wall Height: 6 m

Where exceptionally high sound insulation is required but wall mass is low, CineWALL LITE offers uncompromising equivalence with higher grades. The very low dynamic stiffness of CineWALL LITE strips ensure a low natural frequency for reduced height and/or composite material walls.

Market-leading sound insulation for cost-constrained projects.

CineWALL NEO & CineFLOOR NEO - Double for WEB

CineWALL NEO Features:

  • Single Strip ƒn (up to):  32 Hz
  • Isolator Thickness:  5 mm
  • Double Strip ƒn (up to):  24 Hz
  • Isolator Thickness: 10 mm
  • Max Wall Height: 10 m

Available in 5 meter long rolls to facilitate significantly quicker installation, CineWALL NEO is the ultimate value-engineered option in the CineWALL range.

Choose from our four CineWALL Grades

With the introduction of CineWALL, we have taken everything we learned in the intervening years and distilled it into just four acoustic isolation grades: NEO, LITE, PRO, and MAX, to reflect all possible usage variables – auditorium size, shape, location, acoustic function, audience capacity, technical specification, budget and lead time.

For more information on how to integrate CineWALL into your design, please refer to the ‘Key Design Considerations’ section in the CineWALL Guide here.

CineWALL Grade Suitability

To identify which CineWALL grade of partition base isolation is right for your auditorium, use our suitability table below:

CINE WALL Grade Home Cinemas Music Practice Rooms Existing Structures TV Studios Theatres & Concert Halls Commercial Cinemas 4DX
X X Limited Circumstances X
Limited Circumstances
Limited Circumstances Limited Circumstances

From initial consultation, through to design, manufacture, supply, installation and inspection, our world-class engineers will ensure that CineWALL is the most effective system for your project.

We work regularly with the most respected cinema brands currently leading the market, including Cineworld, VOX, MUVI, VUE, REEL, Odeon, Everyman and Empire.

We fully understand and continually meet each of their individual requirements.
So you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands with Farrat.

Eltham Vue Cinema Seats

VUE Eltham Cinema – UK

Catford Mews Cinema Auditorium with a blue overlay

Catford Mews Cinema – UK

The Old Vic London theatre

The Old Vic Theatre – UK

Cineworld O2 auditorium with welcome to Cineworld O2

Cineworld O2 – UK

Farrat Total Acoustic Responsibility:
Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation & Inspection

Regardless of the CineWALL grade you choose, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that our expert engineers will be on hand to advise you every step of the way. We provide our customers with the best technical solutions to their engineering challenges and we always uphold client interest to make sure that the project is delivered successfully.

Design, Manufacture & Supply

Each CineWALL grade uses natural rubber isolators that are manufactured by Farrat in the UK, under an ISO 9001-2015 compliant quality management system. All systems have been performance tested in UKAS  accredited organisations.

The compounding and manufacture of our isolators is backed by over 60 years of Farrat research and development in elastomer science. The full range of Farrat Vibration Isolation Elastomers can be found here.

Special care has also been taken to consider build-ability, reliability and robustness in each design to ensure that the operator’s key interests are upheld, such as acoustic performance, longevity and life-cycle cost.

CineWALL designs do not require any ongoing maintenance and will last for the entire lifetime of a building. We are so confident of this that we offer performance warranties up to 25 years – the longest in the industry.

Global Logistics

CineWALL products have a 1-day to 3-week lead time.

We hold stock in both the UK and the MENA regions, which are managed by our distribution partner Unigroup. We also regularly export worldwide and have done for the last 60 years.


Installation & Inspection

All of our CineWALL systems are designed with ease of installation and follow-on trades in mind. Our team of engineers are on hand to offer advice relating to installation and we often provide site teams with installation training, followed by installation inspection.

We can deliver this both remotely and on-site, anywhere in the world.

Our fully trained installation partners include AcouStruct (UK), Unigroup (MENA) and our Farrat Team (Global).

CineWALL Acoustic Isolation Strips installed on a cinema

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