Isomat Nitrile (IMBR)

Isomat Nitrile (IMBR) is an excellent low pressure anti vibration and shock absorption material used predominantly in industrial applications for its excellent vibration damping, shock absorption and chemical resistance characteristics.

Load capacity range: 0.1 to 1.0N/mm2 (MPa).

Farrat Isomat IMNR50

Why choose Farrat Isomat Nitrile?

  • High performance vibration and shock damping
  • Excellent oil and chemical resistance properties
  • Used extensively in Farrat machine mounts
  • Produced in the UK by Farrat using high quality compounds
  • Available in a range of hardness grades and thicknesses
  • Easy to use and economical elastomeric anti vibration material
  • Low level of creep
  • Long lifetime
  • Can be supplies as sheets or bespoke pads and strips
Farrat Isomat IMBR

Typical Applications:

Farrat Isomat Nitrile Isolated Foundation for a power press
Power Press on Farrat Isobloc

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