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Farrat Levalators improve large, precision and long bed machinery performance by increasing alignment accuracy, rigidity and stability as the most accurate method of precision alignment.

Improving large, precision and long bed machinery performance

Large machines generally need good foundations both to reinforce the machine bed and to reduce vibration by mass damping. Farrat Levalators are the vital connection between machine and foundation enabling machine and foundation to become one unit. A machine on weak supports may as well not have a foundation.

They can be fully grouted in, thus achieving a virtually built-in or encastré support which considerably increases the stiffness of the machine base and creates a complete machine foundation integration.

Farrat Levalator Range

Farrat Levalators overcome all the deficiencies of jackscrew support. Jackscrews are generally inadequate for large machine support as they are only virtually pivot supports and are therefore not stiff enough either horizontally or vertically. They distort under excessive loads thus limiting hold down bolt tension and create localised stressing in both machine bed and support plate.

  • Our Levalators consist of a high grade cast iron basebox machined on the inside to support the screw driven fully machined lower wedge (high grade cast iron) which in turn elevates the fully machined steel top wedge.
  • A fully machined spherical disc sits in a spherical recess on the top surface of the steel wedge providing a spherical seating to correct misalignment and complex angles between machine and foundation.
  • Auxiliary levelling screws in the basebox enable Levalators to be aligned in installations where Levalators are pre grouted prior to machine installation.

Precision Levalator Mounts

Load Capacity
Max Ultimate Load per unit* (kN) Max Share of Machine Weight (kN) Max Lifting Capacity (kN) Specific Adjustment Torque (Nm/10kN) Maximum Adjustment
Torque (mm)
Height Adjustment
per full turn (mm)
Vertical Stiffness
LA4 240 40 80 4 100 0.40 2500
LA8 400 80 160 7.7 115 0.25 6500
LA16 600 160 200 8.9 200 0.25 8000

*Max ultimate load made up of: Machine + Workpiece + Bolt Tension + Moment + Dynamic Forces

Product Dimensions
Ref L (mm) L1 (mm) L2 (mm) B1 (mm) B2 (mm) B3 (mm) W (mm) H-mid (mm) H-min (mm) H-max (mm) Adjustment (mm)
LA4 247 119 128 156 135 128 18 75 69 81 +6.0
LA8 305 145 160 210 185 170 23 82 76 88 +6.0
LA16 370 180 190 260 230 210 26 84 78 90 +6.5

Features & Benefits

  • Precision alignment for machines
  • Rigid support for maximum machine bed stiffness
  • Total machine-to-foundation integration
  • Low overall height to ensure a low machine centre of gravity
  • Systemised and predictable precision machine installation
  • Precision adjustment to obtain very fine alignment
  • High bolt tensions without bed distortion
  • Micro-meter type height adjustment range of 12mm
  • Facility to carry out subsequent alignment readjustments
  • For machines with significant changes in load distribution
  • No horizontal forces applied when adjusting
  • High ratio of lifting force to adjustment torque
  • Developed and manufactured in the UK by Farrat

Machinery Applications

Long Bed machine tools, Roll Grinders, Lathes Plano-millers and Grinders, Machining centres, Turbomachinery, Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Rolling Mills and Large Process machinery.

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