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Used in more than 100 multiplex cinemas around the world, CineWALL PRO is our most frequently specified grade of partition base track isolation. It offers the highest ratio of acoustic isolation performance vs price in the CineWALL range.


All CineWALL Acoustic Isolation Strips can be used in a double layer arrangement to increase the acoustic isolation performance without effecting the maximum load capacity or installation detail.

Each grade has a high load range allowing it to be used with a wide selection of wall heights. CineWALL Acoustic Isolation Strips can be easily shaped and cut to length on site with a retractable knife.

We offer performance warranties up to 10 years demonstrating both expertise and confidence.

The longest in the industry.

A buyers guide to CineWALL PRO

  • Fast and reliable global logistics. Our CineWALL PRO systems have a 3-5 day lead time. We hold stock in the UK, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and regularly export worldwide.
  • Free technical support. Our team of engineers are always on hand to offer advice relating to specification, detailing and installation. We can deliver this remotely or on-site, anywhere in the world.
  • Low lifecycle cost. All of our CineWALL systems are designed with ease of installation, durability and follow on trades in mind. No operational maintenance is required.
  • Certified solutions. Our isolators are manufactured in the UK under and accredited ISO 9001:2021 quality management system. Our performance test data is all supplied from UKAS and IPAC accredited laboratories.
  • 200 projects experience. We regularly supply our CineWALL systems to market leading cinema operators including: Cineworld, Vox, VUE, Empire, REEL, Odeon and UCI, as well as theatres, auditoriums, music venues, hotels, and entertainment complexes around the world.

About CineWALL

CineWALL solutions are manufactured under ISO 9001:2021 compliant quality management systems and have been performance tested by UKAS accredited organisations.

Special care has also been taken to consider buildability, reliability and robustness in each design to ensure that both the installers and the operator’s key interests are upheld – such as acoustic performance, longevity and lifecycle cost.

CineWALL designs do not require any ongoing maintenance and will last for the entire lifetime of a building. We are so confident of this that we offer performance warranties up to 25 years – the longest in the industry.

Installation Services

Farrat Installation Services have supplied clients from a wide range of projects with the guarantee of complete isolation, overseen by our team of project managers and engineers with specialist experience in acoustic and vibration isolation.

If installation is not required from Farrat we will support project managers and contractors with onsite installation training.

Sound Stage - Acoustic Floating Floor Installation

Other products in the CineWALL range

Fast and reliable global logistics. Our CineWALL MAX systems have a 3-5 day lead time. We hold stock in the UK, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and regularly export worldwide.
Where exceptionally high sound insulation is required, but wall mass is low, CineWALL LITE offers uncompromising equivalence with higher grades.
Available in 5 meter long rolls to facilitate significantly quicker installation, CineWALL NEO is the ultimate value-engineered option in the CineWALL range.

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