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Supporting volunteers within our local community

Posted on March 9, 2022
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Supporting volunteers within our local community

Manchester-based homelessness outreach

Trafford-based community group G-Force work with vulnerable individuals and families in crisis across Greater Manchester, providing essentials and working with other community groups and schools.

One community group that G-Force has recently partnered with is Don’t Walk Past (DWP), a non-profitable group of volunteers who provide fresh food and water, and essential supplies, to the homeless in Manchester City Centre.

Utilising the £1,000 of funds that were raised and donated by Farrat employees within our Sponsored Lapland Challenge in December 2021, G-Force were able to purchase a months’ worth of ingredients to prepare 80+ 2-course meals per week for the homeless throughout January this year.

The hot meals were prepared by G-Force and DWP teams and distributed to homeless individuals in Manchester City Centre twice weekly, on Monday and Friday evenings.

Paul from G-Force praised the fundraising efforts of the Farrat team, noting that

the funding has come just at the right time, as (G-Force) has been struggling to fund this project over the winter months.

The current scale of homelessness in Manchester

People who are recorded as homeless are experiencing the worst effects of the housing emergency facing the country. Homelessness negatively impacts people’s lives, including their mental and physical health and their children’s health, education, and development.

The number of homeless people in Manchester is currently reported to be almost eight times higher than anywhere else in North West England, according to statistics released by charity Shelter in December 2021.

In England overall, 1 in every 206 people is recorded as homeless.

Dedicated charities such as Shelter work within communities alongside local volunteers such as G-Force, and the DWP team, to provide advice and support services such as one-to-one help with housing issues and homelessness.

We are proud to support G-Force volunteers with this initiative and look forward to continuing our work with them, helping people from a range of backgrounds within our local community to take steps towards a brighter future.

Farrat’s ongoing partnership with G-Force

We will be partnering with G-force in 2022, as part of our ongoing commitment to improving social mobility within our local communities. We are looking forward to continuing our fundraising activities throughout the year, to further support the G-force volunteers in the amazing work they do, as well as providing opportunities to support the future of young and socially disadvantaged people, including work placements and apprenticeships.

We will also be involved in the environmental community projects that G-force will be undertaking this year, pledging time for volunteering activities to help G-force make a real difference to the environment and facilities within our local community.

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