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Mission 2022: Support the world to a net-zero future

Posted on January 5, 2022
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Mission 2022: Support the world to a net-zero future

As companies and individuals, we have a responsibility to address the global environmental crisis with climate action.

Earlier this year, we learned that buildings and construction are now responsible for almost 40% of global carbon emissions driving rapid climate change. Based on the current rate of construction, the world is forecast to build more than 2t square feet of floor space in the next 40 years. This is the equivalent of adding an entire New York City every month. And in their current form, a large proportion of these buildings will be constructed out of concrete, with cement as its main ingredient. If the cement industry were a country, it would be the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world, behind China and the US.

At Farrat, we’re dedicated to being an industry leader in the fight to work towards Net Zero by 2050.

In our 2022 mission video below, we explain our commitments for the year ahead and beyond.

Farrat commits to supporting the world towards a Net Zero future by placing the environment at the center of our decision-making. In addition to minimising the environmental footprint of our own business and manufacturing operations, we intend to use our technical expertise to support our clients and wider industries to deliver on their own Net Zero pledges.

Sustainability in manufacturing

Within the manufacturing industry, Farrat will support the growth of ‘recyclable’ metal industries and work with our clients to champion the manufacture of aluminum cans over PET bottles.

Through our Univib and IMPACT services, we will support sheet metal and can making manufacturers maximise OEE productivity and reduce waste and energy usage. And in our products and systems, we will advise our clients on how to control machine vibrations with minimal mass.

Sustainability in building and construction

Within the building construction industry, we will support the transition to lightweight structures across our markets, championing the use of steel instead of concrete. Through our full range of construction services and solutions, we will support the entire value chain – from developers and designers to specialist consultants and contractors – to control noise, vibration, and thermal bridging within buildings.

Our technical expertise will be tuned to engineer more sustainable solutions in a wide range of buildings, from high-rise towers to universities, hotels, airports, cinemas, theatres, and landmark concert halls. As we will help our clients to unlock the full potential of steel-framed buildings, building components, and secondary steelwork structures.

Social and environmental impact

As a result, our industrial clients will build leaner and more efficient manufacturing facilities that produce less waste and our construction clients will build with less material.

We will help to facilitate the repurposing of buildings, to create safe and more energy efficient structures where people can live, work and sleep comfortably, and we will push for the development of more connected and sustainable urban centers, with homes, offices, schools, universities and leisure facilities all located closer to each other and public transport networks.

Our end-users – the people who utilise all of these spaces – will live healthier, more fulfilling, and more sustainable lives where they can enjoy truly immersive entertainment venues, thanks to the tangible contributions that we have made along the way.

Our Mission in 2022 is to delight our customers, wherever they are in the world, with the best technical solutions to their engineering challenges whilst also making a tangible contribution to minimising the environmental impact of construction, manufacturing, and our own business operations.


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