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Farrat TBF surpasses structural and fire resistance requirements

Posted on October 12, 2020
3 minutes read
Farrat TBF surpasses structural and fire resistance requirements

Following the launch of the world’s first A2 rated structural thermal break, Farrat have been further investigating and enhancing the performance criteria for their Farrat TBF product to meet and exceed the stringent structural requirements of two hour/ 550⁰C fire resistance.

Having had Farrat TBF independently tested and certified A2,s1,d0 to EN13501-1, we have been carrying out exploratory tests in conjunction with a manufacturer of fire resistant intumescent coatings. We set out to evaluate the performance of this structural thermal break element on a protected steel to steel connection.


Our findings show that as well as performing well as part of a intumescent coating protected connection, Farrat TBF is able to resists the 1000⁰C + temperatures for 2 hours in its own right whilst maintaining a compressive structural performance of 200MPa @ 550⁰C. (29,000psi @ 392⁰F).

This unparalleled level of structural performance from a thermal break at high temperature, alongside it’s resistance to fire and insulation performance, makes it prime option for designers and engineers looking to eradicate thermal bridges in structural components where fire performance is a high ranking consideration.

Find out more on the fire performance ofFarrat TBF structural thermal breaks on our website, download the datasheet, or contact our technical team to discuss future projects directly.

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