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Farrat Launch Europe’s first CE marked Structural Thermal Break Plates

Posted on September 29, 2022
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Farrat Launch Europe’s first CE marked Structural Thermal Break Plates

Following extensive research and development work, alongside the European Office of Technical Approvals EOTA, Farrat is proud to have produced Europe’s first European Assessment Document for structural thermal break plates.

This has now led to the issue of European Technical Assessment 22/0333 for their Farrat TBK and Farrat TBL Structural Thermal Break products, specifically for European partners, projects and customers.

European designers and fabricators are now able to specify CE-marked products, compliant with all aspects of EU regulation supported by the appropriate legally required Declarations of Performance

Copies of the ETA are available for download in German, Dutch, French, and Spanish via the Farrat website. Corresponding Declarations of Performance DoP are available on request with all orders.

This award further strengthens the independent assessment and certification already held by Farrat, building on our long-standing BBA Certification 17/5435 as well as being part of the BRE certified thermal details scheme and TBK’s Passive house certified component status.

Farrat’s A2, s1,d0 non-combustible Farrat TBF material is due to be added to the new ETA at the start of 2023.

Farrat Structural Thermal Breaks can be used in all external to internal Steel to Steel and Steel to concrete connections to reduce energy loss and avoid the issues associated with thermal bridging and condensation.

Full details of how and where Farrat Structural Thermal breaks improve connection performance can be found in our Farrat Technical Guide.

Challenge our engineers to ensure the efficiency and safety of your projects. Email us or call +44 161 924 1600 to talk to the team.Farrat’s Structural Thermal Breaks are an essential component for energy-efficient buildings. If you would like to learn more about the integration of thermal breaks in structural connections, contact our Structural Thermal Break team by email, call us on 0161 924 1600 or fill in the contact us here.

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