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Farrat creates holistic solutions for new London residential scheme Ashley Road East

Posted on February 11, 2021
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Farrat creates holistic solutions for new London residential scheme Ashley Road East

Ashley Road East (ARE) is a new 183-unit mixed-use development located in Tottenham Hale, set to play an important role in defining the area’s regeneration with the construction of two residential blocks, retail and office space.

Due to the developments prime London location, Farrat were contacted at pre-construction phase to help develop a variety of isolation solutions to mitigate against both structural and thermal disturbances impacting building performance.

Challenge 01: Low frequency ground-borne noise and vibration

Farrat Solution: Building Vibration Isolation System

A key challenge when building in London is the surrounding network of the London Underground, railway lines, high traffic roads and activity from the busy city life, and this development is no exception. Vibration generated from the London Underground Victoria Line would cause significant structural problems and without building vibration isolation there would be a high risk of disruption from structure-borne noise.

Farrat designed a Base Vibration Isolation system as the most efficient long-term solution for ARE, to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for the entire lifetime of the building. The Farrat assemblies within the system were designed,  manufactured and then supplied by Farrat directly to the ARE site. Throughout the construction phase, Farrat supported the project team with regular on-site installation guidance and post-installation inspection.Read more about the Building Vibration Isolation developed for Ashley Road East by downloading the Case Study.

Challenge 2: Thermal bridging in high-rise balcony connections

Farrat Solution: Fire-rated Structural Thermal Breaks (Farrat TBF)

Balconies are a great way of introducing an outside space to apartments and are becoming an increasingly attractive feature to developers, designers and end users alike.  Even before COVID-19, a balcony could add up to 12% to the price of a home without a garden and this rises to as much as 25% in Chelsea. With balconies however, comes another leading consideration for designers of apartment buildings – fire safety. It is becoming increasingly critical that all building materials used above 18m are certified as fire safe and that this consideration is worked in at early design stage, to ensure they meet safe buildings standards.

With this is mind, our A2 certified fire resistant Structural Thermal Break, Farrat TBF, was selected for use between balcony connections on this new London development. The high rigidity of Farrat TBF will effectively impose stiffness on potentially flexible connections in balconies, avoiding bounce and making for a more reassuring and safe experience.

Learn how Farrat TBF was designed into the Ashley Road East scheme in the case study below.

Farrat in London redevelopment

Ashley Road East is just one of many projects currently underway in the country’s capital with the help of Farrat. If you take a walk through London you will see evidence of our teams hard work across a large number of redevelopments and projects.

For more information on how our engineers can work with your design teams, fabricators and on-site contractors to integrate building vibration isolation and fire resistant structural thermal break solutions, contact our team here.



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