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Evolving the way we deliver CPD: online learning built around you 

Posted on October 5, 2020
3 minutes read
Evolving the way we deliver CPD: online learning built around you 

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented many challenges for those who deliver CPD training. Like many providers, Farrat are exploring alternative ways to engage with our clients and adapt our technical training offer within an ever-changing climate.  

Despite the current restrictions surrounding physical events, Farrat remain committed to our role as a TLeader within our specialist fields of vibration control and thermal isolation. 

The current Farrat CPD programme encompasses some of the construction industries most complex engineering challenges. Providing technical knowledge, industry best-practice and practical guidance on how to mitigate the effects of Building AcousticsBuilding Vibration Isolation and Thermal Bridging using engineering-led solutions.

Our CPD courses are certified by CPD UK and are delivered on request andSo what changes are we making? 

We are planning to releaseour CPD courses as free online learning modules that are automatically approved for Farrat clients to access, to support remote learning whilst our seminars and face to face meetings are restricted and social distancing measures remain in place.

We are also looking to re-format our courses and offer new delivery channels, informed by the changing needs and behaviours of our clients.

To ensure we make the ‘right’ changes, we are asking our community of clients, partners and industry peers to partake in a quick 1-min survey exploring how they think we can maximise the effectiveness of their online training. The goal of the survey is to outline preferences of topics, delivery platforms, formats, duration and availability, sothat we can offer a tailored, flexible CPD programme built around you.

Would you be interested in ensuring your technical knowledge is up to date remotely?  

If so, then please help us to prepare the most suitable digital CPD format(s) for you and your team by registering your preferences on the survey :  

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