Farrat Academy – How to build an igloo

Homeschooling STEM activities from Farrat to enjoy with your little engineers

In Lockdown 3.0 we understand that homeschooling is tough.  If you’re looking for something a bit different, the team at Farrat are putting together a few STEM ideas for the next generation of engineers and scientists, and we’re probably looking to have a little fun too.

Here’s CEO Oliver Farrell from our office in Switzerland showing you how to make an igloo.  If there’s not enough snow, we have some indoor ideas too.

Oliver Farrat Igloo

If the weather in your area isn’t up to making an igloo out of snow, you can still make an igloo inside, and here are a few ideas how.

Sugar and sugar cubes are something you might already have around the house, or you might be able to add it to an ‘essentials’ shop.  You can make an igloo with the cubes and by making sugar glue with sugar and water.

Find out how to make a sugar cube igloo.

Most people have running water and if you have ice cube trays (and a freezer!) you can make an igloo out of ice cubes.  As well as being a realistic and indoor alternative, you can even use a LED candle to make it into a very cold light.

Find out how to make an ice cube igloo.


sugar cube igloo
icecube igloo