Ensuring Safety and Compliance – PAT Testing for a UK Manufacturer

Project Overview

This testing is necessary to ensure the machine’s performance and functionality was in line with the specifications.

The Challenge

Our UK manufacturing customer faced the challenge of ensuring the optimal performance of a newly ordered finishing machine. They needed to have confidence in the machine’s functionality before it was shipped to their location.

This was especially important as any performance issues with the machine could lead to delays in their operations and have a commercial impact.

The Solution

To address this challenge, our team devised a comprehensive solution, recognising the need to conduct measurements on the machine at the manufacturer’s facility to thoroughly assess its performance. This would allow us to identify any potential issues at the earliest possible opportunity and ensure that the machine met the UK manufacturer’s requirements.

Our team visited the manufacturer’s facility equipped with our advanced measuring equipment. We utilised a DAQ card, accelerometers, and an instrumented hammer to take operational and resonance measurements on the machine. These measurements provided us with precise data that allowed us to evaluate the machine’s performance in detail. After completing the measurements, our team meticulously analysed this data and compiled a comprehensive report. This report included detailed information on the machine’s performance, as well as our conclusions and recommendations. We ensured that the report was clear and concise, providing our customer with a thorough understanding of the machine’s capabilities and any potential areas of concern.

Our customer received a comprehensive report that provided them with valuable insights into the performance of the finishing machine they had ordered. The report allowed them to verify that the machine met their requirements and operated as expected. This gave them the confidence to proceed with receiving the machine and integrating it into their operations.

Partner Profile

Our solution provided our partner with the necessary information to make informed decisions about the finishing machine. It allowed them to have confidence in the machine’s performance and ensured a smooth integration into their operations.

By taking a proactive approach and conducting thorough measurements and analysis, we were able to identify any potential issues with the machine before it was shipped to the customers location. Partnering directly with our customer saved them potential delays and additional costs but also ensured that they received a machine that met their expectations.

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