Webinar follow up: How to achieve high-performance specifications for structure-borne noise and thermal bridging with minimum mass and materials

9th Dec 2022

Following our webinar with The Institute of Structural Engineers on how to achieve high-performance specifications for structure-borne noise and thermal bridging with minimum mass and materials, we'd like [...]

Addressing climate injustice with smarter building design

29th Nov 2022

Climate change continues to be one of the most pressing issues of our day and all industries are going to need to make significant changes to challenge the [...]

Multi-screen cinema with market-leading acoustic isolation wins Best Project in Leisure award

25th Nov 2022

The new multi-screen cinema in Glasgow - with acoustic isolation carried out by Farrat - has won the Best Project in Leisure award at the first-ever Scottish Structural [...]

Mixing timeless architecture and energy efficiency with fire rated structural thermal break material Farrat TBF

14th Nov 2022

22 Ropemaker is set to be a brand-new comprehensive development in London, made up of over 420,000 sq ft spread over 27 stories. Within close proximity to several [...]

Farrat Launch Europe’s first CE marked Structural Thermal Break Plates

29th Sep 2022

Following extensive research and development work, alongside the European Office of Technical Approvals EOTA, Farrat is proud to have produced Europe’s first European Assessment Document for structural thermal [...]

The Building Safety Act 2022: A new framework for ‘higher risk buildings’

29th Sep 2022

The Building Safety Act 2022 is a significant overhaul of the regulatory framework in England and Wales regarding how all buildings are to be designed and constructed, and [...]

Using Thermal Imaging when retrofitting existing buildings to be energy efficient

5th Aug 2022

There is growing awareness across the UK and Europe on the number of abandoned buildings currently empty when there is such a high demand for residential properties. In [...]

The significance of Structural Thermal Breaks in high rise fire design and Building energy performance

21st Jun 2022

Since the tragic circumstances of the Grenfell disaster, designing for fire and construction material choice in all its facets has become a focus of design teams across the [...]

What is Chatter_Detect? How we’re improving the quality of strip metal by eliminating chatter marks.

30th May 2022

In the sheet metal industry chatter marks on the finished metal product can cause significant issues for customers. Marks on metal strip affect the quality of the product [...]

As UK cost-of-living concerns soar, is energy efficient building design a key aspect in easing the burden?

3rd May 2022

When the Office of National Statistics recently updated its Opinions and Lifestyle survey through to mid-February, over three-quarters of adults reported that their cost of living had increased [...]