Farrat Academy – Using transpiration to make multicoloured flowers

Homeschooling STEM activities from Farrat to enjoy with your little engineers

In Lockdown 3.0 we understand that homeschooling is tough.  If you’re looking for something a bit different, the team at Farrat are putting together a few STEM ideas for the next generation of engineers and scientists, and we’re probably looking to have a little fun too.

Here’s Louise Dixon from Marketing, showing you how to make pretty multicoloured flowers by learning about how flowers ‘drink’.


Next steps

If you want to demonstrate transpiration in a more edible way, you can do this by getting a bunch of celery with leaves on.  Once the celery has changed colour – as long as you used food colour and therefore it’s edible – this is a good way to get kids to eat veg, even if it’s weird coloured veg!

Here’s how to make multicoloured celery. 

If you really enjoyed doing experiments with flowers, you can also do experiments with plants, especially as hopefully spring is just around the corner.  To make a ‘plant maze’ you only need a shoe box, some extra card, a bean seed, and a pot with some soil in.

Here’s how to make a plant maze.

plant maze