Farrat Academy – How size impacts energy – a bouncing ball experiment

STEM activities for home from Farrat, to enjoy with your little engineers

Following Lockdown 3.0 we expect you’re pleased to see the kids enjoying school again, but maybe you’ve got a taste for some fun, educational activities? If you’re looking for something a bit different, the team at Farrat are putting together a range of STEM activity ideas for the next generation of engineers and scientists.

Here’s Applications Engineer Daniel Warren showing you how size effects energy using footballs and tennis balls.  Dan has worked as an engineer on some amazing projects including auditoriums, cinemas, high rise tower buildings, and is currently on the team working on a new concert hall and future home to the Manchester International Festival.

We hope you enjoyed bouncing balls!

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If you like experiments with balls, why not try an experiment where you see how the heat of a tennis ball affects the bounce?

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