Factory Design & Layout Optimisation

Protecting and maximising factory output

Through optimal layout arrangement and set up for both new build and restructured industrial settings

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Farrat frequently perform vibration surveys in factories of all sizes across Europe, to identify how our systems can most effectively be integrated to minimise vibration control problems

We work closely with clients to optimise our solutions once integrated, in order to reduce vibration transmitted to the surrounding environment and increase machine productivities. Part of this process has included spending the last two years working with leading manufacturers within the Canning industry on our R&D ‘IMPACT’ Project, testing vibrations emitted by Cupper Presses and Bodymakers – industrial machines used in Canning factories to produce aluminium cans. This insight and experience has best placed us as specialist advisors on foundation design, machinery layout, performance optimization and reducing spoilage.

Alongside this, UNIVIB engineers offer help at most stages in the machine design process, particularly at the design review and prototype measurement and test stages. This additional integrated experience puts us in a unique position to be able to offer informed guidance in both structural design and factory layout design & optimisation.

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